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Welcome to our exceptional recovery clinic, where we redefine relaxation, rejuvenation, and injury prevention. Experience the extraordinary with our range of offerings, including invigorating cold plunges, soothing infrared saunas, revitalizing leg compressions, and nourishing Vitamin and Mineral infusions. Whether you're seeking relaxation, post-workout recovery, or proactive injury prevention, everyone is welcome to embark on a journey to total well-being at our sanctuary.


To be the premier destination for individuals seeking holistic recovery and wellness, providing a sanctuary for physical and mental rejuvenation.


At Resilience Recovery, our mission is to empower individuals, including athletes, to optimize their recovery and enhance their overall well-being. We achieve this by offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge recovery modalities, including saunas, cold plunges, compression boots, and more. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to creating a nurturing environment that promotes healing, resilience, and personal growth. Through our services, we aim to help individuals unlock their full potential, enabling them to perform at their best and live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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Our one-off casual option gives you a 60-minute session at our recovery clinic during manned hours (11am - 7pm Monday to Friday).
You will have access to all recovery services including Infrared Sauna & Ice Bath Therapy (booking required), Compression Therapy and our Mobility Zone.
Exclusive 45min use of Infrared Sauna and Ice Bath Therapy

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I had my hamstrings repaired and the recovery clinic really aided to my rehabilitation. I enjoyed the use of the legs compressions, followed by a cold plunge. 10/10 would recommend
I love the recovery clinic, it has everything I need in it to maximise my performance. Can do both sauna and ice bath in one session as well as using the recovery tools. I usually get home and have a great sleep afterwards!

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Opening Hours:
Unmanned opening hours 5am-10pm
Manned opening hours 11am-7pm (Monday-Friday only)

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